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Marion Gorr - Beautiful Silks - Allansford, Victoria, Australia

Marion Gorr – Beautiful Silks – Allansford, Victoria, Australia




Silk- and other naturals – wool, bamboo, linen, cotton are the ultimate experience for the textile artist!
Other businesses have as their core objective, the selling of products.
We have as our core objective, the entire textile experience.

Yes, we sell silk, dyes, yarns, garments and threads. We also host a series of masterclass workshops. And because we’re trading in the market, at our own retail site, at trade fairs, and amongst textile people who attend our classes and workshops, we have constant feedback which we use to improve our range of products and services. So not only can we sell you the raw materials for making your objects of desire, but we can also help you make your objects of desire — and inspire you to do more.

We’ve taken the time when sourcing our stocks to ensure that they are made ethically and with our environment in mind. Do good and feel real when you buy from Beautiful Silks.


We stock:

Woven silks – for silks suitable for nuno feltmaking, look at georgettes and chiffon.

Yarns – 30 plus types, Silks, Linen, Bamboo, Wool, Mohair, cotton silk mixes, handspun silks

Fibres – from cocoons to the finest AAA grade mulberry sliver

Threads – silk sewing & embroidery threads

Scarves – premade hand rolled and variety ready for dyeing. Hand dyed available wholesale direct to your business.

Garments – premade and sewn with silk ready for dyeing or custom dyed

Felting products – We also sell Fibreworks hand dyed fine merino

Dyes and brushes – sensible water wise dyes easy to use in liquid form

Bags -Enviromentally friendly woven and sewn bags made from silk or cotton made to last

Catalogues Available $25.00 posted – ask for either Yarn or Fabric, swatches are enclosed.


Beautiful Silks Botanical Studio

Way back in the 1990’s, Marion studied ecology with Magic Inc. in Palo Alto USA – the environment and water have always been her major interests. In the world of textiles and inspired by the wonderful India Flint, Marion has decided to advance her interest in textiles and botanica. Thus we are creating the Beautiful Silks Botanical Studio, with help from David O’Reilly Constructions, our amazing builder. We’ll grow organic indigo, madder and other dye plants, which will be used in our workshops. See our Facebook page for photos and updates.

We welcome you to our workshops – see the organic plantings, enjoy fresh air and the gorgeous South Western coast. There’s a local pub with good accommodation and meals.

We love hearing from our community!

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