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Bernadette Ambergen of Berniolie

Bernadette Ambergen of Berniolie – Netherlands


Etsy Pattern Shop






Hello, I’m Bernadette Ambergen of Berniolie. I live in Coevorden, Netherlands, where I make a living knitting and crocheting fine accessories and patterns.

As a teenager I learned to sew and as a young adult, educated as a crafts teacher. After that I worked for years with a collective where we sold our own designs and unique lady’s clothing. To have an outlet for my creativity my next logical step was to start working for a circus, designing and making costumes.

Around 1990 I started to knit and crochet again, in my free time. I learned it at a very young age from my mother. I found this so inspiring that I opened my Etsy shop in 2008 to have a place to share my creations. I make shawls, shrugs, cowls, capelets, fingerless gloves and jewelry.

In 2012 I quit my job at the circus and worked my Etsy shop full time. While I knit or crochet, all kinds of ideas pop up in my head. Inspired by color, yarn or a texture from my enviroment. I also convert my designs to patterns, which can be found at my second shop.

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