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Susan Furneaux of Black Hen Studio

Susan Furneaux of Black Hen Studio


Passionately dedicated to the creation of fine textiles.
Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand with all natural fibres, dyes and gathered materials.


Black Hen Studio is in beautiful Newfoundland, Canada. Passionate about natural fibres and colour, we want to spread the joy of living with natural colour and fibre. Each fine craft product is handmade in using traditional textiles techniques including, dyeing, knitting, embroidery and handspinning. Many of our product designs are inspired by historic or vintage patterns. We are committed to the use of natural local fibres and colours. Much of our dye materials come from our homestead in historic Conception Bay.

When we are not in the studio, we are teaching textile classes, raising chickens, building coops and cooking. We also spend a lot of time traipsing through the woods and over the bogs to look for interesting materials to create one-of-a-kind fine craft pieces.

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    Love your creativity. GREAT WORK

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