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Blue Moon Fiber Arts Began as a one-woman business by Tina Newton and HAS grown into one of most highly sought pa after independent dyers in the fiber world. Purveyor of exquisite, hand-dyed yarns and spinning fibers for knitters, crocheters and spinners alike, all yarns are milled to Blue Moon’s specification and are unlike anything else out there. Creator of the Rockin ‘Sock Club and Socks That Rock sock yarn, and Blue Moon is one-half of the woman-power behind the now-defunct Sock Summit, the one-of-a-kind gathering of sock knitters.

Here at Blue Moon, located in Scappoose, Oregon, USA – land of texture, color, and yes, chickens – we hand-paint your skeins of yarn and hanks of fiber to order. We do this for a variety of reasons: to make sure we can offer you as many colorway selections as we possibly can, to give you as many yarn and fiber choices as we want, to keep costs reasonable for both you and us, and lastly, to assure knitter happiness with color, yarn and a job well done.

Tina Newton

More than just a color genius, Tina brings to the yarn world a wealth of fiber knowledge and experience and an extraordinary artistic flair. The love affair started with spinning. Soon after, she began dyeing her own roving and discovered not only a talent but a passion. She then began translating her color theory from her own handspun onto millspun yarns and Blue Moon was born. Tina has a fertile imagination and the practical creativity to support it. This energy is contagious and inspiring. She loves sharing her vision and working with others. This is the spirit of Blue Moon. Tina is the mother of Narayan, Rabia, and Sophie. A vegetarian, homeschooler, therapist, aging hippie chick, and just a blast to be around. Besides chickens, she has a thing for firetrucks. Her favorite song is “Once in a Very Blue Moon.”

Paula Ferrenberg

Paula is a product of the 60’s, the 1860’s or the 1760’s. She is a Civil War reenactor and living historian. She thinks there is nothing more fun then turning on her Irish counter-part, Ione Sutton, and traveling back in time. Is it any wonder that Dr. Who is her favorite TV show, and she doesn’t even need a TARDIS? Paula came to Blue Moon in the spring of 2008 to fill in while folks went to camp. She didn’t stay away long and after a bit she was full-time. Now Paula is that person or voice on the other end of the emails or phone calls as well as Blue Moon’s shipper. Paula, her husband  of 17 years, and two 4 legged German Shepherd minions have just purchased a home in Svensen, Oregon. She’s looking forward to gardening, canning, watching elk and helping her husband in his wood shop. Oh and yes, spending hours on that big front porch with her new found love of knitting!

Debra McVae

Debra, our head dyer and barn manager, has been at Blue Moon since 2005 after 20 years in the child care business which prepared her for the difficult position of managing her crazy colleagues. Debra is married to Mr. Wonderful (Doug), 30 years of wedded bliss. She is mom to Rian (28) and Melissa (27) and grandma to the cutest grandson in the world, Dylan. Debra enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends. She likes camping in her toy-hauler, riding quads and time at the beach. In the summer you’ll find her in the sun. Debra is the gambler of the bunch, she wheels and deals in Reno and Spirit Mountain. She loves to bake monkey bread to share and we at Blue Moon are all eager to see that warm plate of yumminess on those special occasions.

Becky Trotter

Becky joined the dye team in 2008. With her bright and cheery “Good MOOORRRNNNINNGGG” as she walks in the door each morning, the barn lights up nearly as bright as the crazy bright socks and shirts she loves to wear. The wilder the tie-dye the better for Becky. Becky is married to Bob (20 years), mom to Echo and Andrew and one of her favorite jobs, grandma to Ashlyn (7), Logan (5) and twins Hunter and Juston (2). She says it doesn’t get any better than that!

Becky enjoys camping and is passionate about playing in the sand and mud with all of her ATVs…sand rail, Razor and more. Becky shares her contagious joy with all her co-workers when at nearly every holiday there is a little “something pretty” (thank you Heather for that little catch phrase) on our desks. It’s hard not to get on-board when you’ve got something fun for the holiday, no matter the holiday!

Charlotte Thurston

Charlotte’s with Blue Moon as a dyer. She loves there is a small close “knit” family feel here at Blue Moon. She’s on the shy side and a bit of a neat freak. She’s married and has no kids. Her husband has a pit bull, Cooter, and Charlotte has Mitsy, a Maine coon cat, that she loves and spoils. *Note*  Charlottes initials are C.A.T.! Warp speed ahead and Blue Moon has it’s very own Trekie. Charlotte collects everything Star Trek and yes, even goes to Star Trek conventions. In total opposite mode, she also collects Betty Boop, yep, two very different worlds…right?! Charlotte is our very own wine connoisseur, supporting exclusively, Oregon wineries and breweries. She says the darker the beers and the dryer the wines, the happier her taste buds are. She loves to shoe shop and has a small fortune in them.   Charlotte loves the summer months. Hot days to her = Mexican food and cazuela’s, preferably by the water. Born in California and time spent in Arizona means the warmth of the sun, sounds of the pool, the smell of coconut oil and chlorine mean comfort. She loves time with family, she’s all about family, and spends as much time with them as she can.

Denise Jackson

Denise worked in the food industry for 20+ years when she lost her job and decided it was time to step out of the box and into the barn.  Denise has been happily married to her husband Jay for 19 years (been together for 25). They have 3 boys, Donovan (17), Tyler (15) and Noel (11).  She jokes that she works just to keep food in the house. Her boys keep her very busy outside of work, between football, soccer, baseball and riding BMX. Yes, it gets pretty hectic with all that shuffling but she wouldn’t have it any other way… though it would be nice to be able to watch a movie the entire way through or maybe even read a book once in a while.

The two constants for Denise are her need for caffeine – strong coffee in the morning and strong sweet tea in the afternoon…”anyone going to town, here’s a dollar for a large McDonalds Sweet Tea,” and the color purple.

Heather Van Nurden

Heather is a globetrotter. She has a keen desire to step foot in every country, and only has 175 more to go; she is very optimistic.  Heather was first asked to come to BMFA to wash fibers and loves that she is surrounded by changing rainbows; COLORS, COLORS, COLORS. She’s a bit grumpy when she arrives between 8:00 – 8:10 (blames the tardiness on the commute and not the snooze button), but after her thermos of coffee and the hours staring at the variations of colored yarn, her quirky attitude shines through and she fits right in with her Blue Moon colleagues. She spent the latter part of her 20’s studying at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and received two Masters degrees (maybe a bit over-zealous). Heather hopes to use these degrees in Humanitarian Assistance to attain World Peace. What do you expect from someone who is excited about a changing rainbow everyday? She is fluent in Spanish and mastering the art of bundling yarn. Heather is companioned by a beautiful, big, black, beast of a rottweiler which she has owned since she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Llacanora, Peru.

Jessica Burch

Our resident “techie” helps keep our website updated with new colorways, specials, and announcements, Jessica also helps address customer questions, coordinates our e-newsletters, and designs a thing or two for us – you’ve probably noticed our new home page announcements and advertisements popping up here and there. Jessica loves all things handmade, especially handdone type, so she fits in well with us (though her own writing is mostly illegible). Since joining our ranks, we’ve enticed her to join the fiber arts world and she’s pretty dang excited to knit some Socks that Rock®! Jessica can’t pick just one color, but her favorite part of the spectrum is – funnily enough – the blues. She’s a new(ish) mom, married to her high school sweetheart, passionate about food, and likes to take photos of rusty old trucks, landscapes, and her family.

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