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Bonnie Jo Smith

Bonnie Jo Smith
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Bonnie Jo Smith - San Jose, California, USA

Bonnie Jo Smith – San Jose, California, USA



My textile artwork is about “what I see and know”. I know my family, the terrain of California and I recognize social injustice. All of these factors together are a formula for creating emotional, thought provoking artworks.

When I first start designing a new artwork the textiles are laid out before me and I will find myself continually running my hands over them as cloth really does tell me what to do with it. Once the work is in progress the excitement builds and then almost sadness will come over me as I finish the latest creation.

One of my greatest joys is exhibiting and creating installations. Two of my most satisfying installations have been “Thoughts of the Mind, Interpretations in Indigo” (see the video to the left) and the multi-award winning “Swimming Upstream”. Both of these installations deal with personal tragedies in my life.
My most recent installation “Drought” is concerning the ebb and flow of water in the western part of the United States.

My textiles have been exhibited nationally and internationally in China, London, Paris and most recently, Australia. Plus, all of the United Nation’s locations.

Recipient of the 2016 Leigh Weimers Emerging Artist Award, I am happy to collaborate with others on exhibits and accept commissions.

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