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Bonnie Tarses

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Montana artist, Bonnie Tarses - Empowerment Wall-digital printed woven images-paper

Bonnie Tarses – Missoula, Montana, USA





Greetings! I am Bonnie Tarses of Weaving Spirit, a textile artist/weaver/teacher. I create dazzling one-of-a-kind scarves, shawls, blankets and wall pieces with an emphasis on the healing aspects of color in weaving. I weave with un-knitted cashmere sweaters, silk, wool, bamboo, cotton, tencel, and bamboo.

Over the years, I have taught all manner of workshops, delivered keynote addresses, and presented countless seminars. Although I am still available for travel to teach, “taking the show on the road” has become more challenging. Plus, now that I live in beautiful Montana, have a lovely studio with 3 looms AND have accommodations for 2, I am pleased to announce Weaving Vacations, tailored just for you (beginners through advanced). Click bonnietarses.com/instruction for details

To commission a unique weaving and/or schedule private instruction, contact me through my website to begin the process of co-creating the ultimate personal gift.


I grew up in Baltimore, but my story really begins at Rhode Island School of Design. In 1960, on my way to meet a fellow student for lunch, I took a wrong turn and ended up in the Textile Design Department. I beheld a jaw-dropping spectacle: a room full of 10 foot high dobby sample looms left over from the Industrial Revolution. I turned on my heels, went directly to the admissions office and changed my major from Apparel Design to Textile Design without ever having picked up a shuttle. To this day, I can’t explain the feeling that propelled me. Sometimes the littlest things can mark a major fork in the road.

Inspired by ancient ethnic textiles, color symbolism, and the non-verbal language of color, combined with an excellent classical design education, I infuse meaning into every individual thread in the creation of uniquely personal and amazing cloth.

Click over to my website and discover more about my original techniques: Color Horoscope Weaving, Woven Words, and Turned Weft Ikat .


My most significant qualification is that I have been weaving over a half century. In that time, I have been President of the Seattle Weavers Guild, Vice President of Northwest Designer Craftsmen, exhibited throughout the Northwest, and taught workshops all around the US and Canada. My weavings adorn bodies and beds worldwide.


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    Trying to find a way to contact Bonnie Tarses regarding information on Horoscope Shawl. Not sure if that is what her blog is for. Not sure how to use one.

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    Gorgeous colors! So happy to see your work here.

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