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Boucherouite Rag Rugs

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Jean-Ives Sevestre of Boucherouite Rag Rugs

Jean-Ives Sevestre of Boucherouite Rag Rugs


Etsy Shop


I am a French man living in Morocco and I fell in love many years ago with the Moroccan rugs. I became a crazy buyer and filled up my house with rugs not only on the floor but also on the walls because I was considering them as “painting” rugs.


Many friends or relatives asked me to source for them such amazing rugs with exploding colors because 10 years ago it was not possible to find them in the souk of Marrakech : they are the famous boucherouite, hand-weaved in the berber families with recycled textiles and I began to source some rugs in the villages and to sell, to source and to sell!!


In march 2011, I created my ETSY shop which was the first to introduce these vintage rugs to the Etsy Community; I immediately found great success and in 2012 I built my website giving more choice and information: www.boucharouette.com/.


The international success was immediate and through my experience as an owner of an art gallery in France, I was able to develop a network of re-sellers of more than 40 countries. I am working with many interior designers, concept shops, vintage shops and in 2013 I began also to supply some rugs galleries.


I don’t want to show off but I am recognized now as the specialist of the boucherouite rugs.


The requests of my customers obliged me to enlarge my selection of rugs and in 2012 added two sections to my etsy shop: the vintage Azilal rugs which are wool hand woven rugs with incredible abstract patterns and the vintage Beni Ouarain which are famous since the 1970’s for their luxuriant high pile natural virgin wool and black and white designs.


I am working as an independent with almost 10 young Moroccan assistants to help me.


I need their help to communicate (in the mountains most people don’t even speak Arabic but a tribal dialect called Amazigh), to carry the rugs, wash them, restore them, photograph them, label them, pack them and to ship them.


I love what I do. It is a passion and I am so happy to share it with other people and not only in a business point of view. I am organizing some exhibitions, am the adviser of several famous collectors, and am working in a fair trade philosophy with two associations of women to help them to become more independent from their husbands. This will be my next step. I am now designing a collection of new woven rugs using all the ancestral techniques and tribal symbols.


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