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Sewing is like breathing to me. I started early (as a child) and keep going since. What’s interesting is the fact that I always wanted to make not only clothes but decorative pieces for everyday life (placemats, napkins, wall hangings, bed covers). I feel satisfied making things just because of its aesthetic value. And it always has been quilting form although I didn’t know it.

I’m a self taught artist. I made my degrees in economy (sic!) and theatrology but even then I knew I’m destined for sewing and art.

First time I learned about quilts from internet – and I was hooked on American quilts and their history. It opened my eyes for how much those humble pieced scraps may carry. I’ve never been in the US but my works were everywhere – like ambassadors of me – from small local shows to the biggest ones (like Houston or Paducah). I love traditional quilts. But it was pretty obvious that I want to develop my own, artistic patch.

When you buy mass products you know nothing about it – who made it, where and how. Buying handmade directly from the author you buy much more besides its monetary value. Spending an amount of time on a piece creates a relationship. I know how to operate the sewing machine to do what I want to do. You buy my skilled labour, my experience, knowledge and package of emotions. Good emotions, because I can’t create when I’m upset 🙂

I’m not an inventor. I love to combine different ideas into a new context, giving them another meaning. That’s why I use mostly commercially printed cottons mixed with silks, linens or wool. I take care of their quality. It is an important factor considering washing. High quality fabrics age gracefully – I have my own placemats in use for over ten years and they are still pretty. That’s why I buy American quilting cottons, Chinese or Japanese silks and European linens – I don’t look for cheap materials. And all the upcycled fabrics I use come from the well known sources – I have to know the people, families who used them before. I have to be sure they carry “good vibrations”. Yes, fabrics are like live beings for me – you may experience it fully only in direct contact. That’s why it’s always a struggle to take a good photo of a textile piece – you can’t show its full value in the picture. The texture, the feeling, the touch of it are beyond the visual impression.

“Slow life” is a trendy slogan nowadays. But in fact it HAS BEEN a way of my life from quite a long time now. I live in a small apartment with my partner and our daughter. I cook every day, I shop at the farmers’ market every day, I take care of our family and the quality of our life. And I create.

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