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My name is Wendy Mamattah, owner of Braid and stitch, an award winning fiber artist, writer, and quilt pattern designer. Originally a Journalist from Ghana in West Africa I have always loved working with fabrics, as a child as early as age five, in primary school I received prizes for needlework instead of English or Geography which made me realize that there was a part inside of me that loved to create.

My works to date have mostly been featured in E magazines and blogs, such as ‘Subversive Stitchers Women armed with needles’ Sew on Magazine, and recently, I have been featured exclusively in an eight page spread in the fall issue of Quiltposium Magazine 2011, and I also assist as a contributing staff writer for Quiltposium magazine.

I was featured artist at the American Sewing Guild ‘Project sewing hope event’ which took place in September of 2011, and have recently lectured on September 24th 2012 on the ‘Adinkra Symbols of Ghana and West Africa’ at the Association of the Pasific West Quilters Conference and quilt show in Tacoma Washington. I have done and still do lecture presentations in African symbolism and trunk shows with local guilds in Oregon and Washington and I remain on the quest for more guilds to teach.

Back in the 70′s, sewing was not really a lucrative venture then, and dress makers in Ghana really never made that much money which led me to focus more on schooling to become a Journalist. After moving to America I discovered that Art and creativity paid a lot here if you had the right market audience, but it actually took me a lot more years to follow my childhood dream.

The current works on this website depict a lot of Africa. I love the vibrant colors of African fabrics and how they pop to the eye, most of my quilts tell a story, and a lot of my story’s represent my African heritage which I carry with me every where I go, I feel when a quilt does not tell a story no matter how simple it might be it really does not have value, since quilts of old were sentimental pieces.

My quilts sing and dance a lot to the viewer, and have lots of character and dimension as well as a very unique look which are the differences my choices of fabric make. Beading and painting really accentuate my work.

At Braid and Stitch we are open to make commissioned art quilts, specifically to fit a buyers description, dimensions and taste, no works are ever made the same in order to promote uniqueness in our work. In the near future there will be a wearable art line which will be in Ethnic vein.




The freedom to express the beauty of the minds construction in Fabric or any other art medium is an exciting gift, and here at Braid and Stitch we create art pieces that touch and speak to the mind and soul of the viewer. Our mission is to bring Africa and the world to market, in an authentic artful expression.

We love hearing from our community!

Feel free to comment! Also, we merged two sites into one. Please report any broken links you find on this page here so that we can fix them.

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