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My name is Brenda Abdullah and I create one-of-a-kind wearable art by re-imagining gently used clothing and re-purposing them into new creations. Driven by my passion for textiles, I choose garments based on their color, texture, and quality. After cleaning and processing my finds, an organic design process occurs while exploring color and textural relationships. Gradually a new garment emerges as I cut and fit pieces together. It’s almost like playing with paints or crayons while anxiously waiting to see the finished result. My former life as a custom dressmaker and my life long love affair with arts and crafts has brought me to this new creative place of free-style sewing. I look forward to making more accessories and perhaps children’s garments.




As an Eco-Conscious artist/designer, I create one-of-a-kind apparel using repurposed clothing. Driven by my love for color and textiles, I bring together stylish silhouettes with artistic fabric collage. Each garment is a study in color and textural relationships. The inspiration is threefold: My love of beautiful textiles, my passion for color and my desire to create visual pleasing fabric compositions. The end result is fabulous wearable art!


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    Yes, great idea Pia. I love the concept of recycling or upcycling to create something new 🙂 Beautiful work Brenda.

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    I love this idea. When I saw the photo of the dress at facebook, I thought, this is a way to combine the part of my old stash, which contains memories, but may never be worn again, because it’s out of size or fashion or something else.
    I think Brenda could make a hit of creating this type of clothes, letting the customer bring her old clothes and then Brenda could create something new and fresh from all the material containing all the memories! (smiling) – Pia

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      Great idea, Pia! I actually saw one of those shows where they try to get a pack rat under control and this woman had a dresser full of her mother’s clothes. She wanted to touch and smell them every now and then. So, the woman who ran the show made a book with pieces of the clothes as pages, consolidated into something that she could hold. Making “memory garments” would be a great pitch, much like memory quilts, except that you can wear them. Excellent suggestion!

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      Thank you for your comment Pia. Making memorial garments is something I have done for close family members as well as myself. The shirt design came about as a way to use the shirts of my late father and son.

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