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  • BSD Art Quilts - Heart to Heart, horse and sunflowers, rural landscape

BSD Art Quilts

BSD Art Quilts
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Barbara Dellger - Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Barbara Dellger – Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA



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Hello! I have been in love with fabric for a long time and became a quilter because of it. Along the way I was introduced to art quilts and with my graphic design background I was instantly smitten.

From then on it has become my passion. I love to recreate landscapes, nature and wildlife that surrounds me living in this small town in Wisconsin. I especially enjoy depicting the old farmsteads that are a big part of the landscape in this Dairy community.



I am an award winning artist and have shown my work locally in art galleries and juried quilt shows. I was published in two magazines in 2013 and have also done large commissions for hospitals, senior living facilities and children’s hospitals as well as for private collectors. My goal is to create original designs that tell a story or gives the viewer peace and tranquility to their lives.


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    Love your work. I played a bit with fabric landscape and glue sticks but never anything as lovely as your work. Do you stitch fabric to background or do you sew it? Love it very much. Would appreciate any suggestion or input as I do want to get back into what I called my work is “FabricScape Collages”

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    Your work is beUtiful. Love the colors. I have roots in WI too, kind of made me homesick.

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    I grew up on the east coast and I love the Riverfront quilt. Is there a pattern available for purchase? I am new to quilting and would like to give it a try.

    Thank you,

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