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Kim Buchheit of Buchheit Creative Services - Grand Canyon, Arizona, Usa

Kim Buchheit of Buchheit Creative Services – Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA


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Kim is a designer and artist living and working in Grand Canyon National Park. Her love of felt is rooted in an affection for its understated beauty, a fondness for the old-world craft of felt-making, and the simple earth-and animal-friendly nature of the materials used in the process. She has worked felt designs under the name of Wildly Woolly.

Based in Grand Canyon National Park, Kim Buchheit brings over 25 years of experience in creative management and design to a diverse clientele. Kim is Principal and Creative Director of Buchheit Creative Services (BCS) and Repeats So Sweet.

A traditionally trained, award-winning designer, Kim has made her mark in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds — including nationally-recognized environmental and arts organizations. She has extensive experience developing interpretive materials, including exhibits, for national parks, institutions, and museums. Kim is also a certified instructor in both graphic arts and computer drafting and has taught digital layout and design courses at the college level.

Kim designs fabric and sells it through Spoonflower.

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