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  • Buff Mac Art Quilt - Out of Africa Primal Diaspora - twisted lines of bright colors
  • Buff Mac Monster Doll - Allegra - big smile blue hair

Buff Mac Fiber Designs

Buff Mac Fiber Designs
Buff McAllister - Youngsville, New York, USA

Buff McAllister – Youngsville, New York, USA






Textiles have always been my passion in life. Under, over, and around doing other things — education,  day jobs, the usual chores and errands of life – creating things with fabric, yarn, thread, dye, buttons and beads has been a constant.


My love affair with textiles has taken me into many areas, mastering some and dabbling in others – knitting, clothing, weaving, batik, dyeing, felting, and on and on. Now I have fallen in love with art quilts, and they are my main focus. I mostly use commercial patterned fabrics and often incorporate areas of woven fabric strips, along with raw-edge machine appliqué.


I have always been passionate about nature and many of my pieces reflect that love – and  my sorrow at our thoughtless damage to the very planet that sustains us. In my Water series, I invite viewers to consider nature’s beauty and fragility, especially water, the most precious substance on earth.


In my Communication series I use stone heads to represent “everyperson,”  and explore how we humans communicate . . . or not.


There are also the “Monster Dolls,” lovable beings who have good hearts and kind souls, even though  their outer appearance may not be quite standard. Some have one eye or three, or purple hair, crooked smiles from ear to ear, clashing colors – well, you get the idea.


If only there were 48 hours in a day . . . and I owned a fabric store!

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