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Calico and Old Lace

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Jenna Pynn of Calico and Old Lace

Jenna Pynn of Calico and Old Lace





Calico & Old Lace began in 1989 as a hobby for the long winters on the mountain, snowed in, and wondering what to do with the scraps of material I collected over the years with my mother.  My mother and I quilted blankets selling at consignment shops and showing at the APVA (Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities) in Fredericksburg, VA.  As I continued quilting, I met a lady who taught me the skills of Seminole patchwork and free motion quilting on the sewing machine.  I then began making quilted jackets, vests, and skirts using my new found skill.  Except for the Seminole patchwork and free motion quilting skills, I am a self taught seamstress.  I have learned along the way through various quilters, seamstresses, and good customers.

I went to local craft shows selling my wearable art.  I grew from the local level into the more professional shows such as Sugarloaf and Paradise City Arts Festivals.  I continue to seek fine art shows that appreciate a well crafted garment.

I work as a sole proprietor out of my home studio in Floyd, Virginia.  Inspired by the elements and the seasons that are ever changing, I have endless ideas for another quilted garment. I believe highly in the preservation of our quilted American heritage and hope to continue this legacy forever.  I am a member of the American Quilters Society that is dedicated to the American quilter.

I am also a juried member of the Artisans Center of Virginia which is dedicated to the Virginia artists.

Calico & Old Lace entails quilted blankets as well.  Quilted wearable art is one aspect of Calico & Old Lace, but there is yet the other side of quilting, the age old blanket.  These quilted items are for anyone in need of a blanket, both old and young.  I also encourage them as wall hangings for the office or home.

All items are designed and quilted by myself.

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