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California Fibers

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California Fibers at Soka University - Reception

California Fibers at Soka University – Reception





California Fibers, founded in 1970, supports artistic growth and professional advancement for contemporary Southern California fiber artists. The imagination and superb craftsmanship of these artists place them in the highest echelon in their fields.

The group has an extensive exhibition history in the USA and abroad. Many of its members are well-represented in museums and private collections and are recipients of prestigious awards from around the world . Their creative expression includes weaving, basketry, sculpture, quilting, embroidery, felting, surface design, knitting, crochet, wearables and mixed media.


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    Hello All,
    I’m looking for artists who use, or have used, art as a way of expressing suffering or pain related to any kind of significant loss, such as of good health, an important relationship, a severing from community, etc., for my fourth book, Art of Connection.

    The artwork must be an expression of the artist’s reaction to his/her situation. The images don’t have to be a literal depiction although they could be. I will eventually need a brief life history, personal statement, and discussion of the artwork. Most visual modalities will be considered including painting, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, etc.

    If you’re interested in submitting your work for evaluation, please send photos as well as a brief statement about what the work is about to: andystanton@comcast.net .

    My new book, Dimensional Cloth: Sculpture by Contemporary Textile Artists (Schiffer) was released in July (2018).
    If you would like additional information about me or my book project, please let me know.
    Thank you.
    Andra Stanton MSW

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    I’m looking to learn how to make felt/silk scarves. Please refer me to someone who can direct me.

    Thank you.

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