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Cally Booker

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Cally Booker

Cally Booker

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I am a handweaver, based in Dundee on the east coast of Scotland. My approach to making is centered on my love of working with yarn: I can think, design, plan for months, but it is only when I am testing my ideas at the loom that they come to life. Much of my inspiration comes from the cityscape of Dundee, from the grandeur of its waterfront setting to the small details of quirky buildings and everyday living.

A recent development in my work has been to draw on my interest in social and environmental data, and data about Scotland in particular. These data describe patterns which underlie our daily experience but are often difficult to see. I have begun to explore ways of expressing these patterns in cloth, both literally – as woven data graphics – and in more subtle, suggestive ways.



I am passionate about making things by hand. Handweaving is not a single process but a sequence of processes, and each step has its own pleasures and challenges. I find a deep satisfaction in handling every individual thread, discovering surprises in the interaction of warp and weft and, ultimately, realising my vision as woven cloth.


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    I’m delighted to be participating in another Tea Green event, a festive pop-up in the Old Flour Mill, Exchange Street, Dundee. It is open every day 10:30am – 6:00pm from 26 November until Christmas Eve. With work from more than 40 of the best makers and designers in Scotland, it really is your one-stop festive shop! Full details at http://teagreen.co.uk/

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    It’s the week of the Dundee Design Festival and there is design everywhere! I’m participating in several ways:
    – I’m exhibiting at the DDF in West Ward Works and will be running a free weaving workshop there on Thursday 26th, May http://www.dundeedesignfestival.com/
    – Pieces from my Waterfront Collection are available to buy at the Tea Green Concept Atelier in the Old Flour Mill, open all week 10 am – 5 pm, and I will be weaving there on the final afternoon, Sunday 29th May http://www.teagreen.co.uk/
    – Along with several of my artist and designer neighbours I’ll be opening my studio at Meadow Mill from 12 – 4 pm on Saturday 28th May https://www.facebook.com/waspsartistsstudiosdundee/

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    Recovering from Open Studios – what a weekend! – and getting ready for the next event, Bridge of Allan Contemporary Arts Festival on Saturday 1st November. All the details, including a list of participating artists, are at http://www.bofa-artsfestival.co.uk/index.html

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      Sounds like great fun, Cally! I hope you have good weather.

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