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Cape Cod Shibori

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Rachel Switzer of Cape Cod Shibori

Rachel Switzer of Cape Cod Shibori



I am Rachel Switzer. I love pattern, color and stitching. Shibori is a perfect marriage of these passions. The patterns repeat, yet each element in the repeat is unique creating drama and interest. I love Indigo and the connection it has to other times and other parts of the globe. I use Procion dyes to achieve the other colors.

I’ve loved the textile arts since I was a kid. Starting with a fat needle, fat yarn and burlap. Embroidery and patchwork followed. As a teen I bought a floor loom from babysitting money. Then came batik, more quilts, knitting, rug hooking, printing fabric, and dyeing. A few years ago I arrived at Shibori. I think I’ll be here for a long time. There are still so many variations to explore and combine. I live and create on Cape Cod, MA.



I hand dye Shibori fabrics for artists. I employ many techniques and colors, as well as indigo. I do not shy away from the time consuming stitched techniques. In fact, that is my favorite process. I have an interest in the traditional Japanese patterns, but am also interested in contemporary twists on these patterns and techniques.

I also employ Itajime (folding and clamping) and Arashi (pole wrappng). My fabrics can be used in geometric, landscape or applique quilts, as well as collage or any textile art. You can view fat quarters and scrap packs on Etsy. Special orders welcome for favorite patterns and colors.


on Cape Cod Shibori.
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    Do you have a studio /store on the Cape? I will be visiting with my family in early October and we would love to come by if that’s possible .

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      Nic, I would contact her through her direct links as she might not see this comment for a while. Try her through her Facebook page if you are also there.

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      Hello Nic Redfern,

      I know this reply is tardy, but if you are ever back on Cape Cod, you are welcome to visit. I don’t have a proper storefront, but have had customers to my house. Best to contact me through FBook or Etsy.

      thank you for your interest, Rachel

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      Thank you, Laura. I am very active on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy if you care to follow mw there.

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    Hello there!
    Your fabrics are absolutely beautiful! I was wondering if you hold any fabric dyeing classes/workshops? I would love to attend one.
    Thank you,
    Jillian R.

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      I would like to know where you sale this fabrics,
      witch country , or if sale in the web.
      Thank you

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