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Carrie Ann Burckle

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Carrie Ann Burckle

Carrie Ann Burckle

Carrie blurrs the lines between traditional fiber processes and the sculptural object into richly layered, expressive, and contemplative works. Her desire to connect more intimately with her audience has allowed her to probe further into the psychological, emotional and spiritual nature of her work as it relates to the transformations of materials and processes and connections to the body.

She has achieved professional and artistic recognition as an artist and educator while living in Los Angeles. She won awards for her work and received the Distinguished Creative Achievement Award from the College of the Arts at California State University Long Beach. Her exhibition record is evidence of a strong commitment to her work. Carrie earned her BFA in Textile Design and her MFA in Fibers while attending CSULB. Currently, she teaches pattern design and screen printing as a part-time lecturer at California State University, Long Beach and as an instructor in Textile Science at FIDM.

Early in her career Carrie lived in Germany and traveled abroad. Her life-long love of learning led her to study at Haystack, Penland and the Appalachian Center for Crafts. She taught in the Los Angeles Public Schools and at California State University, Northridge.



The accretion of words, gestures, and feelings add layers of memory and meaning to one’s life, much like the rings of a tree. We build our lives by incremental acts. Each act enriches and adds to this cyclical process.

My process of creating becomes a nurturing act. I invest great care in the construction of my work. I do this through the transformative acts of wrapping, looping, and stitching. I spend hours gathering sticks, washing, dyeing, tying, and binding them. The materials I privilege conjure up emotional attachments, attachments that trigger childhood memories of things collected or passed down from family that hold affection and bind us together. The things we can’t part with become a part of us.

The meaning in my work comes from the deliberative and rhythmic processes that are coupled with the interaction of materials. it is through these tender acts that I wish to connect to the world.

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