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Nui Milton of Casalana

Nui Milton of Casalana

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I am Thai and live in Australia. I have Merino sheep. I call my sheep “4-Leg Silk worms as they have very very fine wool — Ultra fine fine. I make lots of things from my wool and want to share my products with those who also love fine wool.

Casalana is our farm name which we proudly use to call our wool products. We hand created the wool products from our Casalana sheep.

The farm is owned by Drs. Nui and John Milton. This small farm is also a home of the Merino sheep producing the fine wool of high quality. Such high quality  wool desire by hand spinners and crafters.


Nui sells roving and she spins, weaves and felts. Do connect with her to find out more about what she offers.


on Casalana.
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    I saw some of your beautiful raw 13 micron Merino in an Instagram post. I was wondering if you have any left? Perhaps 1 to 2 pounds in white?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

    Lani Sykes, Oregon, USA

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    would love to get some roving and yarn as well. how does one go about doing this??

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      Toni, contact her through her website or Facebook page.

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    I love your work and I might want to buy some roving from you.

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      Thank for your kind interest in our wool

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