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Diane McGregor is the owner of Castilleja Cotton, a quilt pattern design company that has been in business since 1993. After many years of sewing as a relaxing hobby, the world of quilting was revealed to Diane, who saw this as opportunity to express some of her artistic ability. Since then she has applied this creative artistry to create quilt patterns and original art quilts. She has won several awards for her sewing workmanship, her originality of design and her use of color at local quilting events. She has an excellent ability to coordinate fabrics and colors into creative designs. She has recently created several art quilts. Diane’s quilts and patterns are available online.



Castilleja Cotton designs and creates unique quilt patterns and one of a kind art quilts which can decorate your home like a painting. Our quilt patterns use fusible applique techniques and many are designed for the novice quilter.  Our art quilts also use fusible applique techniques and are based on photographs which gives them a realistic contemporary feel.

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