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Cath Stonard Textile Art

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Cath Stonard

Cath Stonard Textile Art



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Married, three grown up kids, three beautiful grandchildren and now retired after working for 23 years in the art department of a Special School. I have always stitched, I spent three years in art school in the sixties studying fashion design, and worked in the rag trade in the West End of London until the seventies. I have also always enjoyed painting and drawing, and now I combine my two passions, stitch and art and produce my textile pieces which I sell through my website,and also in local galleries.



Three year Diploma in Fashion Design, I worked first as an assistant designer pattern cutter, later as a designer. After time out for child rearing, I continued to use my stitching/art skills within the home, and for the last twenty years have worked in the art department of a secondary school for pupils with EBS Difficulties. Most of my spare time is spent creating my textile pieces, which I sell through my website, and in local galleries. I am now recently retired, and enjoy spending even more time with my art, and I have also opened an Etsy shop, DancingwithThreads.


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    Beautiful work so pleased to see it thanks

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    Just the kind of work I love! Yummy……

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