TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List | Cathy Jack Coupland Textile Artist
  • Cathy Jack Coupland - Bowl Series from ‘Place – Stitched Masterpieces’ exhibition 2018
  • Cathy Jack Coupland - ‘Waterways’ Machine Embroidered Textile Art 2018
  • Cathy Jack Coupland - ‘Referencing Sonia’ Machine Embroidered Art Quilt 2015
  • Cathy Jack Coupland - ‘La Ville’ Machine Embroidered Textile Art

Cathy Jack Coupland Textile Artist

Cathy Jack Coupland Textile Artist
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Cathy Jack Coupland - Sydney, Australia

Cathy Jack Coupland – Sydney, Australia









Born in rural NSW, Australia, I have a love of country, a passion for colour and a determination to continually push myself.


Best known for my vibrantly coloured embroidered textiles, I cover substrates with thousands upon thousands of machine-made stitches. The consequence of this density of stitch is unique and results in unpredictable fabric manipulation. Using lustrous polyester and rayon threads enables me to utilise light to great effect.

My palette is usually bold and focuses on high colour and value contrast.

I use simple techniques in my quasi representational and abstract designs, ultimately transforming soft substrates into compressed, rigid textiles rippling with dimensionality.

Using the machine needle as a sketching, drawing and colouring tool, I exploit the allure of thread, stitch and cloth to produce uniquely tactile artworks. My designs come to life under the machine. I have an algorithm or set of processes, which along with a dedicated work/life routine, enables me to stitch daily. It’s a restorative process; the more I do, the more I want to do.

I exhibit widely throughout Australia and overseas and have artworks held in numerous private collections. My work has featured in a number of Australian magazines and was published in Andra F. Stanton’s book, Dimensional Cloth.

Represented by a commercial gallery in Sydney, I now work towards exhibiting cohesive bodies of work capturing my self-expression in stitch.

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