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In Memorium: Catmaid Wearable Art

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It was with great sadness that we learned that Adrienne passed away on May 16, 2018, from complications relating to bone surgery. She leaves a huge community who loved her bright spirit and creative mind.  Friends and family and other artists documented her passing on her Facebook page:


Adrienne joined TAFA in 2010, one of our pioneer members. She is sorely missed!


Adrienne Butvinik of Catmaid Wearable Art

Adrienne Butvinik of Catmaid Wearable Art – Otisville, NY


Adrienne Butvinik has been an artist her entire life. She can’t remember a time when drawing, painting and making things hasn’t been the reason for waking up every day! She has an extensive background in drawing, painting and ceramics, but lately her focus has been on decorating silk to wear.

Adrienne has been teaching art since 1974 and currently teaches high school crafts where she encourages young artists to express their creativity in functional artwork.Adrienne is thrilled to see people in her wearable paintings and looks forward to learning from her daily work.



My cats and I offer hand decorated silk to you in the form of scarves, shawls, pareos, camisoles, blouses, kimonos, dresses, teddy and pajama sets and wallhangings..  I employ batik, shibori, handpainting and handstamping to bring about one of a kind results for each creation. Many pieces feature hand beading. I will be happy to bring your fantasy to fruition in silk!

All Catmaid silk has been washed and pre-shrunk. Keep your Catmaid silk looking and feeling its best by hand washing it. Be sure to separate colors before washing. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and a mild soap solution.  Gently agitate the water and silk. Rinse in clear, cool water until all the soap is gone then fill the sink again and add a quarter cup of white vinegar to the final rinse. Vinegar neutralizes any remaining soap and allows it to rinse out completely- restoring the fabric’s natural sheen. It can make a dramatic difference! Give the fabric a final rinse in clear, cool water. Any remaining vinegar smell will disappear when the silk is dry. Roll up in a towel to remove moisture, then dry flat on a towel or on a padded hanger. Iron with a low-medium temp iron while still slightly damp.

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    ¡ Bellísimo trabajo!

    (Beautiful work!)

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