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Chicago Weaving School

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Natalie Boyett, owner of Chicago Weaving School

Natalie Boyett, owner of Chicago Weaving School


The Chicago Weaving School is Natalie Boyett’s labor of love since 2004.

Teaching weaving is her full-time dedication; with that comes her commitment to providing a space for you to learn, experiment, and challenge yourself. (And yes, sometimes you just want to make things that satisfy you. She supports that too!)

Natalie values the student/teacher relationship. It is her job to meet her students wherever they’re at in their journey from absolute beginner to very experienced. That’s why she’s designed a class structure that is ongoing, allowing each student to work at their own pace.

Instruction at The Chicago Weaving School is flexible and adaptable to your learning style, but always with the intention of leading and guiding you through this amazing practice.

The art and craft of weaving can be very simple, but it can also get complicated. As weavers, we can try an incredibly varied number of weave structures and techniques, or we can spend years going deep into the study of one single type of weaving.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by our options, so having a teacher who pays attention to how you think, how you learn, and what inspires you is invaluable. Natalie appreciate’s your uniqueness and guides you through the rich, dense, beautiful forest of weaving possibilities.

With a Master of Fine Arts in Fiber from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as a friendly supporter of her local weaving guilds, Natalie enthusiastically embraces the full spectrum of weaving practices: from “high art” to lovingly handmade dishtowels. Her goal is to make you self-sufficient, confident, and in flowwith your creative practice.

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