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I’m an award winning textile designer, knitting and felting fabrics for interiors and apparel. I’m in love with knitting and felting and have been passionate about knitting since I was 4 years old! My fabrics are full of rich textures, unusual colour combinations which for the felting pieces I have screen-printed my own silks to use.

My products include clothing, cushions, throws, wall panels, light shades, window panels, and fabric lengths. I strive to reduce my impact on the environment and use local fibres, and most of my dyes are natural dyes extracts and some from my own plants and my water is the peat rich water from my stream high up in the North Pennines. Each fabric is unique whether it is knitted or felted and is of a quality that will last a lifetime. I love to teach knitting, felting and dyeing passing on my skills to all levels of ability, and have taught workshops across the UK and Europe. and America. I write books and am also co-author From Felt to Friendship with Nicola Brown of Clasheen I also write journal entries on crafts with fibre My work this year has been featured in the book Handmade in Britain.



I’ve been knitting since I was four years old and studied knitting and felting and embroidery. Most of my life I’ve knitted and stitched and felted for myself and friends and family, I have written 8 books on fibre related crafts and teach all over the world and run UK based workshops and online classes. I design knitwear for companies in the UK and Scandinavia and Australia

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