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Christine Chester - Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Christine Chester – Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom


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I am living my dream! I work from a beautiful light and airy studio in the centre of Eastbourne (UK), teaching and making art.

The focus of my current work is the loss of identity associated with dementia, both for the sufferer and their family. I have made a lot of work in this series, following the diagnosis of my father 9 years ago with vascular dementia. I have a lot to say through my work and the fragility of memory was also the theme in my Masters degree, which I completed with distinction, in 2015.

I work a lot with mixed media processes as these speak to me of layers, glimpses, ageing, and distress. I then work into the surfaces that I have created with both machine and hand stitching, creating different weights and types of mark to enhance the overall effect of the piece.

As a product of my teaching, I also make couture quilts for interiors, either for the wall or as throws. I am constantly dyeing and printing fabrics to show my students how to create different effects, and I then finish these off with machine quilting to enhance the layers within the fabric. These tend to be very colourful; almost the complete opposite of the work I do around dementia, but both feed different parts of me!

I am lucky enough to have been able to set up a wet studio in which I can teach a whole range of dyeing and printing processes. However, perhaps the most successful elements of my courses, are those which are built around the development of the individual artist voice. I enjoy working with a large range of people who are trying to move forward in their textile practice, supporting them and helping them to find new pathways to explore.

I am part of several textile groups: a small local group of friends known as Collective Purple. Together we won 2nd prize in the group section of Festival of Quilts in 2008. I work with another group of friends working collaboratively to promote textiles within a gallery environment and we have just had our first exhibition: unFOLD textiles. I have recently been accepted into the international group of artists known as Quilt Art, who have a history of 30 years of making work for exhibition within the UK and Europe, and have included some of the most well known names in the quilting world.

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