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As an artist and craftsperson I love to create rich and unique fiber art/mixed media wallhangings, jewellery, handmade books and journals. My fine art textile pieces are often created with an abstract flair inspired by themes of nature and the human spirit. I started out with oil painting and pencil drawing as a young adult and later, made a complete switch to traditional quilting. My first quilt was made entirely by hand and took one and a half years to complete. I don’t make as many traditional quilts anymore, although I do appreciate them. My goal is to develop my use of fabric as an artisitic medium equal to that of of any other established medium. Iā€™m always redefining my personal style and looking to transform my work in new and exciting ways.



My goal is to create a “red carpet” experience for all my clients. I believe that amazing creativity, high quality handmade objects and impeccable customer service creates an experience unlike any other. Integrity and authenticity means everything!

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