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Christine Mauersberger

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Christine Mauersberger

Christine Mauersberger







I am an artist living in Cleveland, Ohio.

My work is primarily about the act of making marks to represent the concept of time. We follow time, yet we cannot see it. We think about time being in motion, or expanding, or fading depending on whether we are contemplating the future or the past. Time is both a real and abstract concept. My challenge is to make artwork that expresses a passing of moments by using sewing as the medium. Each singular line of thread or plastic in the work serve as an artifact and a record of the passing of time.

When I was young, the sound of my mom at the sewing machine was the sound of comfort in the evening; it was the sound of home and that all was well. It is not surprising that the act of sewing is deeply rooted in my work and draws on the memory of earlier times.

The work of Agnes Martin and her thoughts about beauty and art influence me. Mark Bradfords’ profoundly large and powerful works consisting of combinations of disparate materials are innovative and evoke the limitless boundaries I seek. My hand-stitched work is labor intensive and demands contemplative and deliberate action, it informs my larger installation pieces. I begin with a drawing to see what my mind is thinking, which then informs my sewing and my installation work.


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