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Christine Predd

Christine Predd

I began quilting in l986, and added an interest in making art quilts in 2000. I am inspired by natural elements, words, expressions, and like to interpret my feelings in cloth. I begin entering juried shows in 2006 and am fortunate to have exhibited at many venues through the subsequent years. I continue both forms of quilting to this day, and have been pleased to sell some of my work outright as well as on commission.


I am a mother of four,with 4 grandsons, married, and retired RN and former gift shop owner. My husband and I have lived in Indiana all of our lives, and we spend winters on Anna Maria Island in Florida, which I find to be a huge inspiration to my art. I recently added weaving as a textile interest, and am enjoying this new fiber art very much. I am in the process of setting up an outdoor loom in our back wooded area as a place to weave and commune with nature during the warmer months.

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