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Cindy Richard of CindyRQuilts in front of one of her quilts.

Cindy Richard of CindyRQuilts in front of one of her quilts.


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My name is Cindy Richard. I am a mother of three, a wife and a passionate quilter. I grew up in NY and have a degree in English literature. Right after college, I worked as a production supervisor in publishing, doing color correcting on press. That’s where I learned about color.

Nearly twenty years ago I followed my heart and together with my family moved to Israel. I was working as a technical writer until the company closed.

I saw the end of my job as an opportunity to follow my passion for quilting and to pursue it as a full-time career. I have been quilting for more than 16 years. I teach quilting classes locally, which I find very fulfilling. I attend classes offered by other quilters and network with other crafters and people involved in small businesses.

I find the more I share, the more I learn.



My art is a combination of functionality and beauty. Being surrounded by beauty raises people’s spirits and outlook. I try to create harmony utilizing vibrant colors and fabric, resulting in usable full-size quilts as well as wall hangings. In time, each piece composed of fine and soft cottons acquires an heirloom, antique look.

My quilting interests have changed over the last 16 years. I have always gravitated toward less traditional techniques, using muted colors, varying tones and three-dimensional perspective to achieve an impressionistic quality. I love the idea that I can use fabric to paint a scene with depth. I feel I can cross into the mountains I piece and bask in the sunlight. I am especially drawn to scenes from places that have touched my life and journeys I have made. These are often reflected in my work, making each piece unique. I strive towards high quality and hope my art adds warmth and serenity in every home it is shown.

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