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Cloth and Goods

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Melissa Newirth - Portland, Oregon, USA

Melissa Newirth – Portland, Oregon, USA








Cloth and Goods is an online store founded by Melissa Newirth, interior designer, stylist, and textile collector. Launched in the spring of 2012, the store represents Melissa’s love for collecting vintage textiles and her belief that products can be made using traditional methods and developed into modern ideas. Her aesthetic values reflect the beauty of things in their simplest forms, which are sometimes unconventional or imperfect. The name for the company represents the essence of her aspiration to “keep it simple.”


About Melissa

Melissa discovered her love for design at a young age. Growing up near New York City she was influenced by fashion. Her mother worked in the fashion industry, and she shopped directly from the showrooms in the garment center. Having a great eye for fabric, color, and style, Melissa soon became a personal shopper.
Melissa’s interests expanded from fashion to interior design, and she became a prop stylist for catalogs and editorials in magazines, such as Pottery Barn Catalog, Country Living magazine, Food and Wine magazine, to name a few. She has been in the interior design field for the past 14 years.
Extensive global travel informs Melissa’s textile collection. One way she gets to know a place is by looking for the unexpected, whether it is in nature or shopping for one-of-a-kind items in flea markets and antique shops around the world.


Melissa offers personal services for interior design, creative consulting, home staging, environment and product styling for photo shoots, and custom pillow work.


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    Beautiful textiles, I love all of the vintage indigo.

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