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Colin’s Creatures is a collection of hand carved, lifelike, fine porcelain wooly animals, primarily sheep figures (approx 5″ tall).

I make the head, legs, horns and such out of porcelain for its detail. The body is a cast stone for stability with a wonderful substantial feel and the fur is a woven fabric of wool, mohair or alpaca from the same German source that Steiff teddy bears uses.

The collection began with sheep in late 1991 when I read a blurb in a magazine about some antique German sheep figures that were mixed medium as were the angels. (To this day I have still yet to see one of those German sheep). My knowledge of sheep was limited to what I’d absorbed from the James Herriot series of books and programs. I began my research with breeders associations and have expanded to visiting farms and attending sheep shows in the U.S. and the U.K.

I continue to add new breeds and positions with great pleasure, but thanks to new sources of fur and new production techniques, we will be straying creatively further and further afield from the sheep. It is fascinating to learn about different kinds of animals, not just the details of how they look but the little behavioral oddities that make them a sheep, or a bear, or a penguin, or a …….. Each of the animals has opened up a whole new world.



My customers tell me that my creatures speak to them and put a smile on their faces. That has become my mission.

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