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Colour Vie is the name of my textile pigment system. It is water based, environmentally friendly and the colours are completely intermixable. I have been using it for over two decades in my studio. For many years I created, printed and produced a line of hand printed fashion and am now printing fabrics for film and theatre. The “Lion King” is still running in various countries in the world with costumes and sets printed and painted with Colour Vie pigments!

I grew up in Sweden and fell in love with patterns and colour at an early age. After studying English at Stockholm University I switched to Surface Design, moved to London, England and went to art college there. My father advised me to learn to type, so that I would be able to make a living. While it’s come in very handy, I am happy to say that I have always managed to be a full time textile designer, printer and educator.

Most of my work is abstract with a strong reliance on colour and texture. In designing my fabrics/banners/quilts I like to challenge myself by using found objects and very ordinary tools. My collection of potato mashers now numbers upwards of 30! I’ve developed a technique of manipulating and pulling back the wet pigments on the fabric surface resulting in a huge variety of interesting textures.

Many of my printed fabrics end up in quilts, garments and interiors as well as art pieces in their own right.



Gunnel Hag studied textile design in Sweden and England. Her studio, Trees Textile Designers and Printers, in Toronto, produces fabrics for film and theater productions. She taught in the Textile Studio at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario, Canada for 12 years, and has been a visiting lecturer at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. Her fabrics have been represented at International Design exhibitions.

She teaches workshops and gives presentations and lectures internationally. Gunnel has published two books: ‘Creating Texture’ and ‘Creating Texture: Soft Textures’.


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    Are they machine washable and dryable? Will they work on synthetics? Which ones? Can they be made to print through ink jet printers? All things I am focussed on now.

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    What a unique and lovely idea! Leaves/trees are one of my favorite things in nature, so this is particularly beautiful to me.

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