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ColourSpun – Natural Designer Yarn

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Dana Biddle

Dana Biddle

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I’m a fibreholic – slightly off beat, dancing to my own tune, a whizz at multi-tasking – I juggle being a wife; mother; fibre artist; consulting editor – textiles for Stitches magazine; yarn maker, indie dyer and owner of “ColourSpun – Natural Designer Yarns”; creative workshop presenter; author… and anything else that takes my fancy.



I am not one of those artists who use their work to make profound statements. I don’t plan my work to express deep feelings or beliefs. Mostly I am inspired by the beauty in things, sometimes in people, sometimes in nature and often in the materials I love to work with. The pieces I make often seem to create themselves as they develop and evolve into something completely different to what I have in mind at the start. I don’t follow rules but do believe that if something is worth doing it is worth doing well and stop if you’re not having fun.

I am a member of Fibreworks. My work has been exhibited at home in South Africa, in the U.K., Brazil, Europe, U.S.A., Japan and New Zealand.


on ColourSpun – Natural Designer Yarn.
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    Dana, that gorgeous wall of yarn is absolutely phenomenal! Pure eye-candy!

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    Just clicked over to your site and looked at all your fabulous colours. The mohair in particular made my heart sing. beautiful.

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      Thank you, I just love all the colours and natural fibers, can’t wait to get into my studio each morning 🙂

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