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Connie Pickering Stover

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Connie Pickering Stover - Free Style Needlework - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Connie Pickering Stover – Free Style Needlework – Chelsea, Michigan, USA






Artist’s Statement: “My medium preserves the ancient art of needlepoint and makes it relevant to today’s collectors of contemporary abstract fiber art. I embrace motion with abandon and ground my pieces with elements of geometry.”

Bio: Connie grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Since her early teens she was most content when she had a piece of fabric and a needle in her hands. Needlepoint was introduced to her when she was in her late 20’s and she has been exploring that medium as art ever since.

While still in high school Connie’s passion for art and her eye for design were evident. Her teacher, the well-known artist George Douris, kept encouraging her and assisted her in assembling a portfolio of work that would get her accepted as a student into the Philadelphia College of Art. Fortunately she quickly realized that the academic world did not fit with her idea of how she was best suited to learn.

At the age of 18 she set out to explore the world of art with Irving Stone’s novel, “The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo” in one hand, and tickets to sail to Europe on her own in the other. Her goal was to personally view and study as many sculptures and masterpieces as she could. During her trip to Europe she traveled 11 countries, learned another language, visited the most famous museums, viewed the art of the masters, learned about self-sufficiency, and had her 19th birthday.

For over 40 years Connie Pickering Stover has been a graphic designer, web designer and entrepreneur. She now works nearly full time at her art in Chelsea, Michigan.

She constantly pushes and pulls the canvases she works on to free them from their predictable grids and coaxes them into shapes that convey freedom and movement.

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