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Contemporary Tapestry Weaving

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Ulrika Leander

Ulrika Leander




Contemporary Tapestry Weaving specializes in custom-designed and hand-woven tapestries for corporate offices, public buildings, hospitals, religious environments and private collectors.

The studio is owned and operated by fiber artist Ulrika Leander. The tapestries designed and woven by Ulrika and have become well-known here and abroad for their sophisticated designs and outstanding, high-quality craftsmanship.

During her academic and artistic training in her native Sweden, Leander studied under Edna Martin, Carl Malmsten and Christina Hallstrom, international authorities in fiber art and design.

All of Leander’s tapestries are woven with carefully selected 100% natural fibers on high-warp looms using fibers imported primarily from Scandinavia and Australia.



I grew up in South Eastern Sweden where, to this day, textile art is one of the most frequent forms of artistic expression found in public buildings and private homes. The rich history and tradition of textile art and design endemic in that region became part of my consciousness at a very early stage. My interest and respect for this art-form grew so strongly that by the age of thirteen, I had already woven my first tapestry inspired by an old wagon pillow, and from that point on, I knew that my future was going to be as a tapestry designer and weaver.


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    You have beautiful things! We are looking for a Psalm 23 inspired tapestry but we want a modern feel. Any ideas who might have something like that?
    Thanks so much,
    Rev. Tasha Blackburn

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      Did you go to her website, Rev. Blackburn? Ulrika has a wide range of work so make sure to look there as our profiles just show a few pieces.

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