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Creative Chick Studios

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Creative chick studios susan sorrell photo_2011_by_john_fowler

Susan Sorrell of Creative Chick Studios
Photo by John Fowler







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Who Is SuSan SoRrELL???

With a needle and thread I will turn the art world on its ear.

I raise abandon beads that people have discarded in thrift stores.

I color outside the lines….and do it with permanent markers.

I like the color red, because it is obnoxious, vibrant and loud.

Fiber art is not something you eat for breakfast….you hang it on your wall

I am inspired by lots of artists and creative people…living and dead.

I pull my ideas out of the air like a magician.

I have a college degree in Visual Arts, so that makes me know less about how not to save money.

All my clothes have paint stains on them.

I am an artist…..watch me paint the world clueless.



Fiber is a very accessible medium and I have been truly fascinated by the use of cloth as a collage element for over 10 years. I am always experimenting with different types of fiber/textiles, beading, painting, printmaking, and found objects that can be attached to cloth or stabilizers. I love the way textile art can push the boundaries of traditional quilting, embroidery and fine art. My work is about color and texture – relationships, contrasts, and blends. The images I use seem to go along for the ride. For me, art and being creative is an escape and a special place I can be. I want to create images and objects that are special to me, so I tend to pull from my personal life, surroundings and interests. If I can engage the viewer to stop and look at my work for a minute or two, I know I have done my job well.


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    wow, amazing, you know that art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable, well I am very comforted by your work, another soul mate hurrah.i love those dolls. dyeing to have a go. well done..from tina

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