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Ellie Schimelman of Cross Cultural Collaborative

Ellie Schimelman of Cross Cultural Collaborative





I graduated from RISD with a degree in Art Education. Always inspired by African art, I visited Ghana many years ago and part of me never left.

I did volunteer teaching in Ghanaian schools, went to traditional villages to study indigenous crafts, started taking people with me and started Aba Tours. One day I spontaneously bought a beautiful piece of land next to the ocean. It took 10 years to build, but now Aba House is a guest house/cultural center open to people from all over the world who want to live and work on a personal level with creative Africans.

I see people come to Ghana and leave with a superficial understanding of a wonderful country and people. I want to introduce them to the real Ghana, away from tourist oriented activites. We are in a fishing village…that’s a good start.

My long term goals? Creativity by definition is always changing. I’m open to wherever it takes me….as long as it’s warm.



Our mission is to bring people from different cultures together to interact creatively. We feel that in this way you open yourself up to new ideas and find universal connections. we offer: volunteer opportunities to work with awesome children in our neighborhood independent study – do your own thing across the street from the ocean African textile workshop – every August learn African textile techniques from indigenous artisans teachers’ workshop- visit schools -we’ll help you write curriculum for a unit on Africa tours: experience the rich culture of Ghana Did we forget something? I bet we can do it!

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    I love what you’re doing!! If possible one day, I would love to come and visit and volunteer.

    I love kids, Africa and textiles!

    Peace and Health to you all!

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