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CulturalPatina Gallery

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Dennis Brining of CulturalPatina Gallery - Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA

Dennis Brining of CulturalPatina Gallery – Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA


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Dennis has had a passion for collecting all things beautiful and unique his entire life and would like to share some of these items with others having a similar interest through his Culturalpatina Gallery. The gallery has representative items from the American Southwest, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America, and Nagaland in North Eastern India.

Dennis strives to offer the best items that he has collected or can find for sale to both the casual and/or discriminating collector of unique cultural items from each of these areas of the world. He also tries to focus on vintage, prehistoric, and historic items if he can find them. His primary interest is in pottery, textiles/weavings, western art, bronze sculptures, and extraordinary pieces of adornment. The gallery currently has the work of over 40 artists in these areas of interest.

Dennis first developed an interest and love of Navajo weavings, textiles and rugs in his early twenties when he helped an Indian trader in California sell his goods at cultural art fairs and shows around the state. He followed this up with trips to the Southwest, visiting trading posts and looking for that special rug. Over time, he has collected over 90 pieces of unique and beautiful Navajo weavings, textiles and rugs, from both unknown and noted weavers from various periods of time. All the pieces are in very good to excellent condition and reflect some of the best in their class capabilities from the time frame from which they were made. They include both aniline and vegetable dyed rugs, along with hand carded wool and commercial purchased wool yarn rugs, all are hand made using traditional methods from across the Navajo reservation.

Over time, his interest in textiles expanded to pieces collected in the Middle East and Asia while on business or humanitarian missions for Lions Club International. Of particular interest is his collection of Naga textiles from North Eastern India, Akha weavings from Thailand, Chin weavings from Myanmar, and weavings from the Sultanate of Oman. All of these pieces were collected over 40 years ago and are in very good to excellent condition.

CulturalPatina Gallery has a physical location at his home in Virginia, open by appointment, but he has made a great effort at listing over 800 items in his shop on Etsy, making the collection accessible to all. Do not hesitate to connect through the Etsy shop or the CulturalPatina website.


Culturalpatina Navajo rug room

Culturalpatina Navajo rug room

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