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My love for fabric, and African textiles in particular, led me to a carre that always involved fabric, whether selling it, buying it, merchandising it, writing about it, coordinating it…All of that, plus my first visit to Senegal in 1986, led me to write my first book, AFRICAN ACCENTS, in 1999, and from there, I developed CULTURED EXPRESSIONS to promote the creative use of African fabrics & crafts for decorating, sewing, quilting & crafts. I’m honored to be able to share my passion with others, and showing them how to enjoy and appreciate the artistry to be found on the Continent. Basically, if it’s made of bogolan (mudcloth), kente, korhogo, adkinra or kuba cloth, it gets my attention 😉

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    It’s so good to see your work here. You make our ancestors proud!

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