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Daria Lvovsky – Art of Felting

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Daria Lvovsky

Daria Lvovsky of Art of Felting






I aspire to share my enthusiasm for the beautiful way of the Waldorf education which enhances the flow of loving communication between children and their parents and caretakers. My creations are inspired by this wonderful way of life that my three daughters are experiencing which is very different from the way I experienced my life before I knew of the Waldorf ideals. I bless each creation that I make with the prayer that it will bring happiness and gentleness to people and their children throughout the world.

I believe we can make a difference and help humanity. and therefore our entire world, if we spread the Love and Gentleness everywhere we can.

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed making them and join me to make our mutual prayers reach our globe and heal our world.

As of today, my creations have reached people in the USA, Germany, Ireland, England, Australia, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, France and Canada. Some of these creations were purchased by kindergartens and schools, so I believe many children enjoy them.

The inspiration for my work come from beautiful images that have captured my imagination and from personal requests of my customers throughout the world who have asked for custom made orders. You are very welcome to browse through my shop and see the imagination and inspiration of myself and others who have enjoyed these items.

Wishing you all the joy and blessings that will fill your heart,

With love, Daria Lvovsky



My childhood was spent in Belarus where I was very attracted to Nature and eventually studied biology and graduated with a MSc. degree from Belarus University. I moved to live in Israel and became a mother to my three adorable girls. Working in the High Tech industry was not rewarding and I felt that I was drawn to making needle felted creations which were highly appreciated at my girls’ Waldorf kindergarten. Eventually, it became clear that needle felting is what I want to do all the time.

The making of an animal doll requires using sometimes more than 20 different sheep wool fibers and other precious fibers and can take between 3 to 7 days in the making, comprising thousands of needle pokes. I find it extremely rewarding to see it through and have the complete item made from scratch.

In the beginning I started creating fairies and fairy tale characters, but I love making animals most of all. In the making of an animal doll I meditate on the animal that I am making, trying to feel what it is like to be that animal, to breath like the animal and feel as if I am the animal itself. I’ve heard that the same technique is used by indigenous people when hunting. It could be that this attitude helps me create some very look-alike replicas of the original creatures of nature. Each animal doll is in fact created through deep meditation and I am very happy with the result, as well as a little sad that it is complete. Of course it makes way for the next doll project to begin. I create only the animals I feel like creating at any given moment.


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    Daria, I have become such a huge fan of your art through seeing it on FaceBook – I’m so happy that you are getting recognition that you so richly deserve for your gift. Thank you so much for sharing it with us – Namaste.

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    I love your work,.How did you learn to do that?

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