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Darn Good Yarn

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Nicole Snow of Darn Good Yarn

Nicole Snow of Darn Good Yarn






About Darn Good Yarn.- The Best Recycled Silk Yarn Store..  … and why crafting with fun, earth and people friendly yarn is important to us.

Published in the Fall Semester 2010 Newsletter for the Clarkson University Entrepreneurship Center

Clarkson University Alumni Entrepreneurs: Nicole Snow, Darn Good Yarn Written by S. Smith

Nicole (Mikkelsen) Snow graduated from Clarkson University in 2004 with a degree in business and technology management. When she started college in 2000, she never would have guessed that she would be running a successful Internet yarn distribution business and helping the global economy four years later.

In college, Nicole was a member of the Air Force ROTC and planned to enter active duty as a pilot; a few business and political science courses shifted her thinking. After graduating, Nicole did enter active duty but took an opportunity to leave the military early. With her husband, Michael, a systems engineer at a Fortune 500 whose career keeps them moving all over the country, Nicole needed a career that could be as mobile. That is when she decided to build a company on her own values and principles and took the leap into small business ownership with the creation of Darn Good Yarn.

Nicole took some time with her mission and vision for her company. She knew she not only wanted to help the environment, but help people as well. Her business decisions are based on these principles — all of her yarn is made from recycled and Earth friendly materials and much of it is created from the colorful remnants of the production of silk saris in Nepal and Northern India. These materials are handspun and dyed by women’s groups in Nepal. Darn Good Yarn provides these women with a marketplace for the products, as well as much needed wages for their families.

“You really want to do something you love when you are running your own business,” said Nicole. Taking time to think through your reasons for being in business will help drive your success and ease decision making and Nicole is finding this out first hand! To purchase some Darn Good Yarn or learn more about Nicole, visit www.darngoodyarn.com.


Our goal is to provide you with great customer service and help you explore new yarns. The possibilities, your creativity and Darn Good Yarn…

Do you need yarn for resale or are you an artist? Please fill out our simple form to gain access to our wholesale section where you can order directly online.

Find out why Darn Good Yarn is the best source for your recycled silk and recycled sari ribbon needs today!



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    Great work for crafters, artists, and the planet. Read the other day 70% of landfill is clothes, textiles organic and man made fibres .

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      Yes, our waste is beyond understanding. I don’t buy any synthetics because they don’t break down. I wish they would find a replacement for plastic supermarket bags…

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    Hi, I’m interested in knowing more about your yarns – I’m a fibre artist in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

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