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Dazzling Lanna

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We established and launched our online shop on Etsy in 2009. We like collecting ethnic and tribal fabrics and that is the reason that we started our shop here using those fabric.

Our shop has a wide choice of handmade ethnic bags made from the vintage fabric from Thailand and India. Most of the bags are made from the vintage Hmong baby carrier. You can see each and every bag has its own unique pattern, in another word, one-of-a-kind bags. 

One thing, we don’t accept the custom order since we make our products in small batch every few months to make sure we have for sale for a certain period of time. When we don’t make our products, we search for fabric and estimate what we would sale during those break. This has changed since November 2010, due to the fact that I have to move with my husband and live between Thailand and Switzerland and my friend/partner has 2 small kids. We think it’s best if we managed this way at least we can continue our small shop while we maintain to take care of our family ( I believe for everybody , family is our first priority). When I had to move, we tried to think what we could do and now for the moment , this is our best solution.

We are two friends : Lil and me. We help each other from A-Z: searching, preparing, cleaning, sewing, decorating, photographing, posting on line and shipping. We share the responsibility for all the process but Lil mainly searching, preparing and sewing, while I focus on online activities as well as doing the rest. Not to mention that sometimes our family lend their hands too.

We love hearing from our community!

Feel free to comment! Also, we merged two sites into one. Please report any broken links you find on this page here so that we can fix them.

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