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I am an artist, designer, vegan foodie and book lover living and working in Rockville, Maryland (USA). In my art I seek to encourage others to create and live beautiful lives by telling stories about the importance of connection in the human experience. Using the figure as the central element of my storytelling, I work in  cloth, clay and paint to say something about the interior lives of the characters I create and ultimately, humanity.

My blog is where I write about art, my creative journey and process: http://www.graysonstudios.com/blog/. Sign up for the Deborah’s Circle list using the box in the lower left side of this page to be among the first to be notified about new happenings on the blog, new work, special collectors events and notice about exhibitions.




My work is an exploration of and a connection to spirit, magic, myth, and collective memory. My creative process embraces deconstruction as part of creation and the unpredictable aspects of the materials I use to realize my artistic vision. I shape and carve details into my paintings and figurative sculpture by using my hands, needle, thread and wood and metal tools.

I am intrigued by the process of bringing together seemingly disparate materials – old, new and found objects – and transforming them in to works of art. In addition to the different found objects and clays, cloth is an essential element in my work. I hand dye my canvases and other types of cloth using low-water immersion dyeing techniques, manipulating the fabric by using wax and pastes to develop rich surface designs and resist effects. I also create my own hand carved stencils to mark or otherwise make patterns on my work. Each of these processes allows me to create palettes and shapes that are specific to the particular series and to develop a visual vocabulary of my own making.

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