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Deborah Kruger

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Deborah Kruger

Deborah Kruger

Art Residency

My work in fiber and encaustic is influenced by my training in textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and my years designing wallpaper. I am currently living in central Mexico where I have a studio on the shores of Lake Chapala, the largest lake in the country. The weather is perfect year-round and the mountains and water provide constant inspiration.



I use the fluid and sensuous materials of wax and fiber to create abstract work that has an archetypal sensibility. My work is inspired by the ceremonial feather artifacts from the Amazon and West African masks. I am moving towards more 3-dimensional work, using digital media and trying to increase awareness about the destruction of bird habitats and their subsequent impact on bird and human populations.

I exhibit my work in North America and enjoy large scale commissions when they come my way. I exhibited my installation The Butterfly Effect at the Diego Rivera Museum in Mexico City (See video).


Art Residency

360 XOCHI QUETZAL is a FREE artist residency located in Chapala, Mexico on the shores of the largest lake in Mexico. The perfect year-round climate and stunning lake and mountain views have long established the region as an international artist mecca.

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