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Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist

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Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist - Malvern East, Victoria, Australia

Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist – Malvern East, Victoria, Australia







I am a free-spirited individual from Australia with an interest in all the creative arts – visual, music and literature. After exploring many different styles of art, craft and sewing, and a career as a professional musician and teacher, my raison d’être now lies in textile arts and education.


My work focuses on creating thread sketched, thread painted or machine embroidered textile art, art quilts, patterns and workshops. With a passion for education and technology, much of my work is created specifically with teaching in mind. I offer face-to-face and online workshops. A passionate desire to provide education to all people, regardless of where they live, has led me down the path of online education, writing and video. Many years of teaching have allowed me to feel completely comfortable helping people and developing user-friendly ways of explaining things.


My work has been included in a number of exhibitions and print magazines, and I have qualifications in Creative Textiles, Freelance Journalism and Music.



Artist Statement


Stylistically, I explore a number of different genres, as I love to experiment with new techniques and am stimulated by variety. Nature provides an unlimited supply of inspiration, and an interest in photography allows me to easily gather ideas.


My work is eclectic, often bold and colourful, but sometimes muted and thoughtful, and ranges from pictorial to representational. I work with cotton, silk and mixed media and love to hand dye or paint my fabrics.


My goals are to continue to provide accessible textile arts education and books, artwork and patterns, while satisfying a personal need for continued creativity. My work and blog can be seen at Thread Sketching in Action.


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    Your work is exciting colourful and inspirational. I am really enjoying seeing the possibilities.

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