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Dee Mallon and Cloth Company

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Dee Mallon of Cloth Company

Dee Mallon of Cloth Company





I am a collagist who works with fabric, fibers, paper, and found objects to create unique cloth objects, including quilts and dolls. I like to work improvisationally. I mix applique/piecing and hand and machine work.

My work has been shown and sold in galleries in Maine, Mass., and New York, as well as at juried craft shows in Mass. and Maine. I’ve participated in Newton Open Studios – a citywide event – for five of the several years.

Since the late ‘90’s, I have been teaching fiber arts to students of all ages. I have created several community quilts with elementary school students, work collaboratively with the very young, and have been commissioned to make commemorative quilts for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, as well as ‘just because’.

I am not quite self-taught, given that my mother was an art teacher and a consummate seamstress. And, living in the Boston area has afforded me the chance to take classes with some world class quilters. I’ve also taken classes in papermaking, bookbinding, transfer processes, digital photography, and most recently — SoulCollage (I am a trained facilitator).

I have been blogging since 2008, and the online fiber community has been another incredible source of learning and inspiration.



I like commercial fabrics and the way the juxtaposition of prints can allow a narrative to emerge. I love saturated colors and chaotic, wild, jumbling patterning is one of my things.

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    Feel very close to this work–as if in some other universe could do something similar. Beautiful, thanks.

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