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Delight Worthyn

Delight Worthyn of delightworthyn ART/wares






I am a self taught artist, seamstress and milliner. I fell in love with antique clothing at a tender age, started buying vintage and needed to learn how to fix and alter items. Necessity is the mother of invention. Because no one taught me the “right” way to do things I have felt free to create my own techniques. My work has been featured in ALTERED COUTURE MAGAZINE and HAUTE HANDBAG MAGAZINE as well as shown in many galleries around the United States. Recently, I showed at London Fashion Week with EcoLuxe London. I have also been featured on the Wearable Art Blog.

Born in the Midwest, I have lived in California, New Jersey and the United Kingdom. Currently residing in New Haven CT.

When not working on my own projects, I teach sewing and embroidery to youngsters at a local school.



A customer once described my hats as “flamboyantly historical”. This perfectly describes my pieces. My work is created from thrift store purchases and vintage/antique fabrics and trims. I hand paint, bead and otherwise mangle these fabrics to create wearable art. Beautiful, functional and earth friendly! All of my hats have a vintage quality whether neo Victorian, Edwardian or roaring 20’s inspired, but are also completely modern. I always keep the “wearable” in wearable art.


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    Your work is beautiful and inspirational 🙂

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