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Design Talented One

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Lashell Ali of Design Talented One

Lashell Ali of Design Talented One


I work for a design firm that implements design in Office Space. Although I am not a designer I can mingle with them and it fills every single gap of joy that I have for passion of creating. I am full force in creating beautiful things that capture the heart and it never rests till I sleep, and even then, I dream on about it. My degree is in 39 years of sewing, creating and living life, it’s not on paper, it’s in my heart. I’m a person who isn’t afraid to experiment and try new things, sometimes wonderful creations happen by accident. I have photographic memory when it comes to looking at nature and putting it in my creations, it just comes to me out of no where.



I believe by sharing my passion with others I make hearts come alive as they begin to feel things when they look at art. I believe I can inspire others by sharing what I do and bring out the best in everyone. I want to share creativity as a way to make the world a better place. I want to bring any dormant forces to life and let this force bring a circle to other creators and we all become one.


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    What a lovely being you are..sharing & caring! I am making you an honorary member of THE MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY. I have no idea what that entails at the moment except..’I want for you what I want for myself!’..
    Happy that you are on the planet.
    Regards from a Lover of the Creative Process.

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