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Indira Govindan of dharmakarmaarts

Indira Govindan of dharmakarmaarts


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I have a career in higher education, a job I love. I work with lots of numbers which is fun most of the times. I am also passionately interested in and practice Indian astrology and yoga.

In my spare time I manage my online store selling arts and crafts hand made by me, the proceeds from which support handicapped children and adults. I paint in watercolor and acrylics. I am self-taught in many of my crafts and what I did not learn myself, I learned from my mother.

I left India a long time ago but India has not left me yet. My artistic creations in are inspired by Indian aesthetics, especially the south Indian culture. I use the colors, materials that were part of my life growing up in India and which have informed and shaped my own idea of beauty in my artistic creations.

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